Sunday, August 7, 2011

Batter Blaster

Introducing 3 new flavors of Batter Blaster-- Buttermilk, Organic Whole Wheat with Brown Sugar & Cinnamon and Double Chocolate. Adding variety to your pancakes and waffles, these new flavors are convenient, healthy and delicious! Of course there’s always the Organic Original Batter Blaster with the same great taste!

Batter Blaster brings you the only fresh, ready-to-cook pancake and waffle batter in a pressurized can. Its unique, 
patent-pending process allows 
Batter Blaster to make fresh, 
healthy, delicious pancakes 
in minutes.

I've always been a pancake/waffle person from IHOP that is they make the best breakfast!

anyways. . . . 

I was given a letter in the mail to try this product of Batter Blaster & I thought it was pretty neat. It seems a lot easier to make than it does in a box, but is that really true?  So I was given a few coupons for a Free Batter Blaster can of choice. I used 2 for me the rest we will talk about later. 
I decided to go safe and stick with the original flavor! It is USDA-certified organic and Kosher-certified. Batter Blaster is light, fluffy and also tastes magnificent! Batter Blaster is perishable, so don't forget to check the expiration date! When I tried out this pancake batter, I was really nervous if I was going to have positive things to say about it. Within the first few bites, my taste buds encountered something it has not had in quite some time. Delicious, mouthwatering pancakes! It also took me some time to look for it in the grocery stores I would always look near the eggs & I could never find it & than one of the employees also said that they never heard of it, weird! I know!
Suggested Toppings: Blueberries, *strawberries, *bananas, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips. . .

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For the giveaway I was going to mix it up a bit, since my friends are always asking me where I get this free stuff & I tell them. . . so what I wanted to do was give everyone a chance to get a Free Batter Blaster & I am just going to give them away myself to certain friends of mine & family members :)


I received this product' mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review


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