Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amano Chocolate

Amano Chocolate is located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Orem, Utah. With great mountainous vistas along the east side of the city and Utah Lake on the west, Orem is reminiscent of the great cities in the Alps (though it is a lot newer of course).
Amano Artisan Chocolate Factory Store
If you would like to purchase our chocolate at our factory store, you are in for a treat. We sell all of our chocolate bars in the factory store as well as chocolate truffles made by our pastry chef Rebecca Millican. Our chocolate bars as well as confections are the perfect for gifts for someone you love or for yourself. . .  to read more click here

Amano was kind enough to send me out some chocolate bars I am really not a big fan of  "Dark Chocolate": but overall these chocolate bars were actually really good. I was given the Chuao, Madagascar & Cuyagua I would have to say that the Cuyagua was my favorite it had a bittersweet taste to it & very rich.  I believe that they have said that "Dark Chocolate" is actually better for you than regular milk chocolate.
Here is a picture of the Ocumare 30% Cocoa Milk Chocolate that I would of loved to try since I am a big fan of Milk Chocolate!!!

Here is another product that was sent to me by Amano Chocolate's to review 

Six of our very best chocolates hand selected by us just for you. This is the perfect gift for that special chocolate lover.
As with all Amano products, these are made entirely by our artisans. The chocolate is handcrafted by us using only the world's finest cocoa beans (literally) that we import, roast, and turn into chocolate in our factory. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to turn the chocolate into these absolutely delicious truffles.
They kind of look like emerald rocks sorta they are so creative with there chocolates the first one that I had tried was the top left the first one in the corner that's lopsided. I didn't see in the website what kind it was I can't sorta make out which one it is but here is a picture of it when I first took a bite into the chocolate.

It was really creamy & tasted not like caramel but it was very sweet & it was okay not a chocolate I would eat on a regular basic, but cute for gift ideas they come in other sizes like the 6 Piece Collection that I got for a review or they have the 12 Piece Collection & 24 Piece Collection.

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review


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