Friday, October 28, 2011

Pedestal Pets

I came up with a concept about a year ago based on my daughter’s excitement over animal pencil toppers. Every Saturday morning my daughter Maya and I would shop at the local grocery store. She would run to the machines, putting quarter after quarter in, hoping for the “Elephant” or the “Pig!” Inevitably I was spending more than I should have in order to obtain the animal she desired!  
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I was happily given this set of Pedestal Pets for a review let me just tell you that these are so adorable & so cute that my son just was so anxious to open them up we got a box set of some so they were already out in the open so he took some out & wanted to sharpen them right away! I also bought them over to show my sister's & they loved them so much I let them take a couple even my friend Ashley wanted to take two because they were so cute especially the hippos & frogs. My mom even than send how cute they were & if she could have a packaged one to give to my sister's friend for her birthday gift!

Look at these, you tell me these pedestal pets aren't cute?!?!?

(There are different collections for Pedestal Pets)

Neighborhood Collection

::Collection includes a cat, turtle, frog and dog::

Barnyard Collection

::Collection includes a horse, pig, sheep and duck.::

Safari Collection

::Collection includes a gorilla, lion, hippo and elephant.::

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I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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