Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cool Canuck

Cool Canuck is the first performance clothing company to utilize CoolCore’s innovative cooling fabrics in all of its apparel and accessories. This new fabric technology incorporates the use of water, thermoregulation, moisture wicking and moisture transport to deliver an instant cooling effect. Unlike other moisture wicking products in the market, our fabrics are NOT chemically treated. The cooling comes from the technology within the fabric.

This technology creates a self regulating cool zone environment with a performance range between 14 – 19°C (57 – 66°F). The fabric is pliable and soft to the touch, stays cool for extended periods of time and requires no mechanical means of refrigeration to perform its cooling function.... read more click here

I was given the opportunity to receive 1 Cool Canuck's Cool Cloth.  I wasn't really sure what I was using this for until I emailed them & asked what I was using this for and they basically told me "There are a few uses.  They’re great in the summer for keeping cool, during a workout, they work for children’s fevers, hot flashes, etc.
You can pre-activate it and even place it in the freezer for a few minutes.  It will get really cold and remain pliable" than I kinda understood what it was used for. I would like to think that this is sorta a cool idea using this Cloth considering it would be great use for me I sometimes get my anxiety attacks, so cooling down with this cloth would be pretty cool for me. I give this product a thumbs up!!! Cool Cloth's are made from a single-ply fabric that uses multi-fiber construction with no chemicals that's a plus for me :) The cloth could be used for people who are going through a change in there life like for instants a night sweat. I must say I do not get them yet, but those who do get them I think this "item" is for you!!! 

How the Technology worksclick here

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I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review

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