Saturday, October 15, 2011

Glass Dharma

I’ve been a lamp worker (glassblower) for over 10 years. My wife, Gail & I recently moved from the Sacramento, CA area, to our dream of living on the Mendocino Coast.
I started doing some work for a local glass shop in town and noticed that the owner had glass drinking straws for sale. I had never heard of these before . . .to read more click here

I absolutely LOVE straws I don't know what it is but I just love them. I have them at home in a cup as well. Well I was given the opportunity to try out some Glass Dharma straws never really heard of glass straws before thank god I am not a person who chews straws because the glass ones you can't really nudge on, lol. Anyways I was given the green glass dharma & the red one along with a slanted glass dharma as well with cleaning brushes. I just thought they were so cool & couldn't picture having straws made out of glass, but they are pretty neat.

Here is my sister drinking out of the glass dharma. She said it was cool.
Also what is good about these glass straws you can always clean them & reuse them verses buying regular straws and always buying & throwing them away..

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