Monday, November 7, 2011


Our story is quite simple. We had a desire to share a cloth that is better than any cloth we have ever used and was environmentally friendly.  We started to do a little research and were shocked to see how people were cleaning their kitchens. We were even more shocked to find out how many tons of paper towels were being used annually (2.5 million tons) and filling up our landfills.  
We are two stay-at-home moms living in Encinitas, California. Our children have begun Elementary school and we have a little extra time.  We decided that this would be the perfect time to start our business.
We have been working and researching for almost a year on our product. We have such passion for this cloth because we believe that it is the best thing out there.
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SKOY recently sent me 2-Packs to review they come in different colors, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue. At first the material feels like a very soft, but hard already stiff paper feeling. I'm not sure it's sorta hard to explain, but to use you just simply wet the cloth with regular water & squeeze out all the excess water, and it's ready to use! One cloth can hold up to 15x it's weight. How great is that? Did you know you can clean these in the microwave and they are dishwasher safe!! That is so cool! Just be careful when you do end up putting them in the microwave that they can be EXTREMELY HOT, so wait acouple minutes before you take them out! I definitely recommend these SKOY cloths instead of regular paper towels & sponges. One SKOY cloth saves 15 "rolls" of paper towels to me that is A LOT. I could never imagine that it could save that much. The best part about SKOY cloths that they are reusable. I used the SKOY cloth to clean my stove-tops cause they are always messy when I am done cooking, and to clean my kitchen counters as well as near the sink. I am so glad I came across there site & started to write them & wanted to do a review because I am in-love with these SKOY cloths & I will make sure I tell all my family & friends about them :)

SKOY also offers school fundraising. Each package contains 6 cloths for $10.00. Children sell the packs at $10 each and the school keeps $4.00. That's 40% profit!

How to get started

Just fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly! You can also give us a call (click here for our contact information).

Have a comment or question feel free to contact SKOY here

I received these products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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