Monday, November 7, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolates

Head Cowgirl Marilyn Lysohir founded Cowgirl Chocolates in 1997. Her two favorite things in the world are art (she has a notable career as a ceramic sculptor) and chocolate. In fact her first job was working in a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. Marilyn mingled some favorite memories with some new ideas to create an American original, Cowgirl Chocolates...chocolates with a spicy cowgirl kick. She was the pioneer, one of the first companies to offer spicy chocolates in the world.

Cowgirl Chocolates has won a total of 19 product awards and 2 packaging awards and is located in Moscow, Idaho USA. It has also been featured on the Food Network on “Unwrapped” and “Extreme Cuisine” and on CNBC “On the Money”. They have also been written up in the New York Times, InStyle, the Toronto Star among others. 
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I recently got 4 Cowgirl Chocolates to review the different kinds of chocolate I got to review were:

The first chocolate bar I opened was the Spicy Mint Milk Chocolate to my knowledge I didn't even really read the word spicy on the top cause I just saw that it was "milk chocolate" & I am a huge fan of milk chocolate, but after I took a bite of the truffle bar it had a sweet taste like milk chocolate, but then it got a little weird taste to me & that's when the spicyness kicked in & I have to say I didn't like it very much I had to drink some water it had a very bad after taste. The second choice I had was the Mild Hazelnut & that was really good it had not spicy taste to it just "mild" & I  loved that it was milk chocolate. I don't care for dark chocolate at all & will give that to my parents to try & enjoy, but I will remind them that it is spicy!

What I would of loved to try from Cowgirl Chocolate would be the Caramels they look really chewy & good to just eat up!!

They also have on there website Spicy & Mild Old Fashion Hot Chocolate to check more about this product click here

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Phone: Toll Free: 888.882.4098
Fax: 208.883.1429

I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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