Tuesday, November 15, 2011


From the creative mind of Britt Menzies, a mom who was inspired by her daughter’s simple request to paint her as a ballerina, StinkyKids is a brand with a fun, unique, and fresh approach that teaches life lessons through its products and books featuring the 10 diverse StinkyKids characters. 
The name “StinkyKids” comes from the phrase “little stinKers”, which Britt used to describe the innocent behavior of her two kids when they were little.....to read more about StinkyKids click here
When my son saw 'StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors' sitting on the counter, he asked me "mommy what is this" & I had told him it was a book that I got to review, so he was very excited to get his hands on it and convinced me to read it to him. Not only did I find the characters very real but as a parent, I like the fact that they teach the importance of "Always Be A Leader Of  Good". I know it passed the kid test when my son asked for me to read it again after spending some time thumbing through the vibrant, glossy pages. My son also loved the kid Max with the black & white doggy. I read the description about "Max" and my son Nicholas also said that he loves soccer as well & even better he said that he loves pickles & so does Nicholas. He than told me he can be my best friend, how cute is that? As I was reading the book different pages he would ask me different questions also like why is she blowing a bubble and looks sad. I really enjoyed reading this book to my son he loves it so much & he even takes it and reads it to himself or at least tries to anyways, or just looks at the pictures. I recommend this book to anyone it's a great book to read to children.

(You can order at your local Barnes & Noble store)

*Their 2nd Book* or at www.raventreepress.com

 The StinkyKids dolls can be purchased at Amazon.com or Target as well.

I definitely recommend this book for young children under the age of 10 and am excited to see more from Britt Menzie in the future!

I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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