Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Cool your laptop without fans -- 100% Green!
Protect your lap and your laptop from overheating
                                  Non-slip interface to grip your laptop for a solid integral feel
Keep your laptop cooler by up to 30 degrees and shield your lap by up to 60 degrees
Reducing laptop heat extends laptop life, increases performance, and keeps your legs happy!

For this review I was able to try the X Pad  for which is a non-slip laptop and cooler heat shield. This is the perfect product for my poppop because he spends quite a lot of time on line or checking his email from searching a whole lot of different things, and his laptop always tends to get really hot, but with the X Pad you don't have to worry about the laptop over heating because the X Pad actually cools your laptop down without even using fans and its 100% Green.. Pretty cool!
Not having to plug this in is one of my favorite things that my poppop has told me. Using so many cords can be such a hassle.  It also has a non-slip interface to grip your laptop so it will stay put whether you are sitting at a desk, in the park or even sitting in bed, it’s not going anywhere and you can relax and surf the net so you can sit comfortably and your laptop will stay in place, there will be no sliding and you won’t have to worry about it falling. 

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I received this product mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review

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