Friday, February 24, 2012

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I recently contacted this site called & I loved all their accessories of hats from Men's Hats, Women's Hats, Kids Hats & even Pet Hats. I came across this one hat from the women's collection cowgirl hats called Beach Cowboy by Cov-ver Hats to review. I really liked it in the picture it looks so pretty, and one of my girlfriends is actually all into that cowgirl stuff & she's basically a redneck, lol. I loved this hat so much that I thought of her & wanted to give it to her for an early birthday present. She was so happy & fell in-love with it saying this was the best birthday present ever. I am just a good friend :)

Price: $32.99

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  1. Love the hat it looks so pretty. I would love to have this Amy Summer Womens Raffia by Cov-ver Hats on my wish list thanks again.

  2. I would loveeeee loveee loveee to have one of these hats, they are alll soo prettyy so hard to choose I would be happy with any one I receive!!

  3. These are very cool! it's so hard for me to find hats that I like *and* look decent on me. Thanks for the post!