Friday, February 24, 2012

Butt Bench & Bath Safety Products

Bath Extras designed and manufactures the Butt Bench®, a patent-pending bath seat made of natural wood first created in 2006. We started giving out Butt Bench® to friends and family and they absolutely loved it. Some of them gave the bath seat to their aging parents and it helped them sit comfortably while bathing. We have a Butt Bench in every tub and use it to make shaving and footbaths easier, and to store our assortment of shampoos and soaps. . . . to read more about Butt Bench click here

I recently found a website called Butt Bench it''s basically a a bench 12" to 15" and it goes directly on near your tub. I got to pick out which color I wanted and of course with my option I chose the Pink Pine Bench. I love pink & I think it looks so cute in my bathtub. This is such a great idea who ever thought of the idea is a genius!!! I haven't gotten the chance to sit on it yet I'm kind of afraid too lol, but will eventually when I go to shave my legs. The tub seat supports your weight, and it's really made easier to shave your legs, have a seat if you need to relax and sit down especially for the elderly people who can't stand for periods of time or just need help when they shower or bath. It's kind of like your own little sauna too if you think about it if you just want to relax and turn the hot water on and relax with some good music in the background. I know that is something I would do. Very Very Happy with this product.

Here are some pictures below that I took:

It's perfect for putting my shampoo & conditioner & my son's stuff & my husbands all on this bench to. I like that, how it has enough room to put my products on.

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to be certain you have a standard tub with a
curtain, NOT glass sliding doors.  Also it does not work in mobile
homes, they have different tubs.

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  1. This would be so great to have for shaving my legs!! I always almost fall over trying to shave. annoying...

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