Friday, February 10, 2012

Conserving Now

Like so many others who are committed to bringing their own bags when shopping, we quickly realized how often we forgot our bags in the car or at home. It was incredibly frustrating to be in line at a store and realize (yet again) we had forgotten our reusable bags.
We knew that all our good intentions to make a difference by always using our own bags wouldn't really help if we could not remember to bring them to the store. Our local Whole Foods had their lunch tables by the checkout stands and we would sit there eating lunch and listen to shopper after shopper say "Darn!! I left my bags in the car." more click here

I was able to review a Envirosax bag (excluding the 5-in-1 pouches & slingsax) for a review so I chose the Envirosax After Dark Bag 5 for a review. I just love the how pretty the bag looks it has pretty little flowers everywhere on the bag. It's a modern and artistic range features hand-painted illustrations with bold creativity and hints of nature. I just love it. Although when I always go grocery shopping that is I ALWAYS forget to bring my bags it's like what the heck. So I try to keep them in my back trunk for now on, so I can save the environment and use the 5 bags that I have & it's a lot cheaper that way to because with the new store Bottom Dollar you have to pay for your bags & when I have my own I don't need to worry about that process, but on their website they are giving away a FREE window cling as a reminder to bring your own bag, how cool is that. It goes on your car window as a reminder to take your reusable bags in the store! This will come in handy for me :)

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  1. Tara, thanks so much for stopping by my blog (Apron Strings & Holy Things) and for following me. :) And wow, what a great review. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Can't wait to poke around your blog!