Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fake Bake

We have conquered the long sought after quest for a perfect tan without risking your health. More and more media attention has been given to the harmful and damaging effects from the sun and UV Rays.
In June of 1996, Good Morning America and Dateline both featured medical experts discussing how extremely harmful the UV Rays from the sun are becoming plus the same harmful effects are now being recognized from tanning read more about Fake Bake click here

I had the opportunity to pick something out from Fake Bake & I chose the 
I have yet to try the Shimmer Tan Lotion because I live in cold weather right now, but I cannot wait til Summer arrives & I can try it & than upload a picture & put one up :) In the mean time make sure you have gloves with you before you put on the shimmery tan lotion because it could get a little messy & stain your clothes & to avoid color on your hands!. As for the Bronze I am in-love with it, I love to put it on my face after I have put on some cover-up & it makes my skin really nice & shimmery. You can also use it for all over the body not just your face, and I love how it has a mirror as well in the compact; although it does not have a brush, so make sure you have one on hand. I would of loved to try or have the Bronzing Brush~!


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