Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flatout Flatbread

In the fall of 1995, Mike drove more than 2,000 miles to look at bakery manufacturing equipment. Mind you, he didn’t have any clue what he was looking at, either!! However, before we knew it, we were the proud owners of a used 100-foot bakery manufacturing line and thousands of pounds of industrial parts including motors, belts, and die cut molds. You name it, we had it! I always said to my friends and family (jokingly, but it was the truth), “See that large mixer? That’s my living room furniture.” We weren’t home very much throughout all this crazy madness, so who needed furniture anyway, . . . to read more about Flatout Flatbread's click here

I was given out a Free Coupon for a Flatout Flatbread. I choose the Harvest Wheat - 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat, and when I go food shopping I try to have a little extra time to browse the aisles for natural food products, cause I like to eat healthy and just to see what's new. Usually healthy foods tend to get hidden in the regular supermarkets, but now they have a certain spot for healthy food products which is really good. I know at my Shoprite they do anyways. I always buy Whole Wheat breads so I'm pretty used to buying that on a regular basis it's just more healthier for you instead of plain white bread. The Flatout Bread Wraps also make great side "bread" for a pasta dish or to use as a sandwich wrap for your favorites--for me my healthy tuna salad or chicken salad. I usually store my breads/flatout wraps products in the freezer so they stay fresh, and take them out when I am ready to eat a sandwich or something light. It's a good thing I started out my son with eating healthy whole wheat bread, now he really likes this flatout flatbread he likes to make it himself & put honey mustard on it with his ham & cheese and rolls it up. Flatout bread can also be turned into some fun meals!  You can roll them up and slice into little pinwheels.

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