Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr. Chewy

What we do...
Mr. Chewy is the spot for pet people.  

Why we're better...
Mr. Chewy delivers pet happiness by conveniently shipping 70+ brands of pet food and stuff (for free!) while ensuring at-risk animals' lives are improved across the planet.  

Why it matters...
At-risk animals need a hero -- and let's face it -- driving to the store and schlepping pet stuff bites.  

Why it's better...
Unlike the big, corporate, profit-driven pet retailers, is driven by pet happiness not the bottom line. 

 I recently came across a company called "Mr. Chewy" I wrote them for a review & they gave me a $50.00 gift certificate. All I had to do was pay shipping & handling & I was fine with that. I chose the following for my review:
The reason I got small breed is because my mom has 2 small Chihuahuas Rudy & Chip both boys. They can't really eat big dog food chunks, so I thought they would like this because they are little nib-let dry foods. Rudy really loved the Avoderm Natural dry food he gobbled them down so fast. For chip he is sorta smaller than Rudy, so I had to mush it up for him a bit & put a little bit of water with the mixture of the dry food, but they seem to love the mixture of dog food I had gotten and I'm glad as it comes in handy for my parents they don't have to buy dog food for awhile :) Even the Guinea pigs liked it which I have an odd picture of them eating in the dog food, too funny!
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