Friday, February 24, 2012

Slugs and Bugs

Slugs & Bugs is for kids and parents.  Our children need to learn that life with Jesus is a life of joy and celebration, and we parents need to remember that very same thing.  Slugs & Bugs aims to provide a context for parents and kids to learn and remember together the joy of life in Christ, while also having a super-great time with silly songs about grizzly bears that don't wear underwear. . .  to read more about slugs and bugs click here

I was recently sent out a Slugs and Bugs CD to review. I have to say that this CD is quite funny my son enjoys the little things in life & is always exploring different bugs outside, ew. I don't like it on the other hand boys will be boys and always will interact with nature. He thought the Ninja song was funny & he kept listening to it. Al-though I believe this sort of CD is a little to immature for my son as he is almost 5 in March, but he still thinks it's funny & enjoys the music throughout this CD. I recommend this product to earlier stages of kids. Although they do have a various of Artist that you might enjoy & like.

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