Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buddy Fruits

A family project, a common dream... We love life , we love fruits and we love the USA!!!
Let me tell you the true story of my little french family.
During the summer of 2006, my wife and I rented a big camper to travel along the mythical Route 66 with our little child "Timéo". This was the accomplishment of a dream we always had and the journey proved to be fabulous and rich of new experiences. It was also the occasion for us to meet great people, discovers habits and traditions and spot all those little differences that make the American culture so unique.(from website) click here to read more about Buddy Fruits

I got 8 packets 2 of each different flavors of Pure Blended Fruit from Buddy Fruits to review along with 4 packets of the Pure Fruit Snacks. My flavors that I received were Apple + Banana, Apple + Multifruit, Peach, Mango, Banana, Mango Passion + Banana, Apple + Strawberry & Apple + Cinnamon of the Pure Blended Fruit & I got Orange, Pomegranate & Acai, Apple & Raspberry fruit snacks.  How cute are these Buddy Fruits packages. My son is a fan of the Buddy Fruits especially the Fruit Snacks, what kid wouldn't love these; come on now. He first picked the Apple packet of fruit snacks & loved them he said they tasted so good & that he liked them very much. He seemed to very much enjoy these because he was so funny while he was eating them, so cute!!!
You would think the Pure Blended Fruits are for babies, but really there not because my sister Abby had the Apple Cinnamon one & she loved it & she's 8.yrs old. What's good about these are as followed No added sugar, No food coloring, No Preservatives, No dairy or gluten, No Artificial Flavorings & No Genetic Modifications. They also have Blended Fruit & Milk in Peach, Mango & Banana. With these adorable Blended Fruits you most certainly don't have to worry about no mess or spoons you just twist of the cap and eat away. What's good is that 1 serving of a fruit is equaled to 1 packet of buddy fruits :)

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