Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"ChopSaver - the ultimate all-natural solution for healthy lips! Invented by a professional trumpet player to address the lip care needs of brass and woodwind players, ChopSaver is now enjoyed by everyone. If you suffer from lips that are chapped, dry, swollen or irritated for any reason, look no further. ChopSaver lip balm is not just another "chapstick" - it is a comprehensive approach to total lip care."

I received 2 ChopSavers to try out for a review. I was beyond excited to receive this particular item because I had heard that it's a great product to help prevent dry lips. Chopsaver lip balm is a non-petroleum based balm. Their website says that it is also good for those that suffer with fever blisters and or cold sores. I am always looking for good chap stick for my lips. This stuff is amazing. It had a great flavor & scent to it that left my lips feeling soft. The ChopSaver is an excellent chapstick and I would definitely refer this to others.

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