Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dali Decals

They have so many designs to choose from; from footballs to full size trees! They make the experience fun and easy when shopping for the right piece of art for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, your child's room any wall in your house or business. They can even create custom printed decals, murals, and printed canvases from your high resolution images in just about any size! Even if you are choosing a decal from one of their many selected categories you have every color you can think of to choose from!

 Our living room has been a work in progress for a little over a year now.  There was just a white wall before now I have a picture of me & my siblings there I just got it within these couple of months until I came across a website called Dali Decals. I had the perfect quote to go along the wall which was Live, Laugh, Love I absolutely LOVE that quote! I have for quite some time now, so that being said I chose the Live Laugh Love - Wall Decal (color: Cardinal Red) for my living room & I also chose the Mini Hibiscus Flowers - Set of 7 - Wall Decals (color: Turquoise Matte) to review.

 Once you get  everything out of the package you want to set everything down & organize everything and cut out what you need, so you don't have everything scattered around. I took my "Live" part & cut it across the paper along with the star (*) shaped piece.

The second part you'll want to do is take the paper off the decal and than place it where you would want it on your wall. 

Than after you set it to where you want it on your wall, you than take the Yellow Pic and even it out on your wall pressing down or up whichever way you want to make the decal stick to your wall.

We did a good job our first piece of decal on our wall it looks so great.

 My husband finishing up the Dali Decals.

My husband slowly peeling the Decal off the wall after applying the yellow pic up & down you want to make sure you peel it off slowly, so if you don't have patience for this let your husband do it, lol. I helped in the beginning, but wanted it to be perfect, so I let my husband join in on the fun.

 All done. It looks so pretty I love my new Dali Decal Live, Laugh, Love wall decal. My flowers I want to put on my car :) They also give you a tested decal I got a 4 leaf clover and I put it in my bathroom near the on/off switch.



 Dali Decals
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Toll Free: 877-769-DALI (3254)
Local: 904-421-0810


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  1. I love the Framed Wild Flowers - Printed Wall Decals coz it is colorful and reminds of fresh spring!