Sunday, March 11, 2012

Famous Dave's Moisture Tan

Famous Dave hasn't just popped up out of nowhere, we’ve been working non-stop for the last 12 years fine-tuning our self tanning products until we reached what we firmly believe to be the Best Fake Tan you can buy in a bottle. 

I was sent out Famous Dave's Moisture Tan Lotion for a review.  I had unscrewed the bottle pumper & took a look at it it kind of reminds me of a cement paste it's not a yucky color either. It's kind of hard to find a perfect tanning lotion anywhere these days, and I don't usually buy it either because you get the same results or you either break out from it being cheap, but this Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion works really good I tried some on my leg and it even makes your leg smooth. It has some sparkles to it also. It does have a scent not that bad though. The lotion dries really fast which makes it really convenient to use unlike those tanning sessions that you go and waste tons of money on. It also left my skin feeling un-greasy. Make sure when you put this on to rub this product in and get every inch of your body that you apply this product to even between your little toes. I cannot wait to use much more of this product when the summer time comes only a couple more months :)

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