Saturday, March 10, 2012

OCHO Candy

One Halloween two dads were talking and wondered why they couldn’t find a better candy bar for their kids. They wanted a candy bar that was made from organic, wholesome ingredients and had no preservatives, additives and artificial flavors. . . to read more about OCHO Candy click here
Reasons why we think OCHO candy is the perfect choice for you.
1. We believe in the candy bar - candy bars should be fun and delicious.
2. We believe that our customers should not have to eat candy bars that have preservatives, additives and artificial flavors.
3. We believe small is the new big - our bars are a bit smaller in size, but bigger in taste, freshness and fine ingredients.
4. We believe that candy bars should be made by candy makers and confectioners and not by food scientists or large conglomerates.
5. We believe that being passionate about making delicious, organic candy bars is our secret ingredient.
6. We believe that life is short and there can never be too many moments of celebration and happiness. Have an OCHO bar and enjoy your day!

 I received a box of OCHO Candy for a review. Each came with 2 of each of the flavors listed on the box which were Peanut Butter, Mocha, Coconut & Caramel & Peanut
I live in a state called New Jersey, and there is a whole foods that I used to work at, so I am familiar with Organic Candy. It's the best & is healthier for you than normal candies that you would get at WaWa or Shoprite, so I came across a site called OCHO Candy I wanted to try out there candy bars. As it turns out I really really really like their candy bars not all the flavors satisfied me, but the Caramel & Peanut was my #1 favorite. It tasted like a snickers bar but better. My husband loved the Mocha Candy Bar he said it tasted just like coffee & that it had a rich chocolate taste, my mom loved the Coconut one she is a big fan of coconut & she liked it even though it was dark chocolate she usually likes milk chocolate, but it was good for her because she ate the entire candy bar. The peanut butter one my poppop & cousin Regina shared they both liked it; they are both peanut butter lovers too & my poppop mentioned that the chocolate was good and not cheap chocolate . Overall we all loved these OCHO Candy Bars, my poppop even liked them so bad that he was looking at the website to buy some :) Very good candy bars & I will recommend these to a lot of my friends. I enjoyed them just as much as my family did. We are defiantly chocolate lovers.

 They are quite the perfect size also for a delicious treat. Here is what my Caramel & Peanut looked like inside it also had the perfect amount of peanuts & caramel in it.


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