Friday, March 2, 2012


Oxylent answers the need for an efficacious, exceptional quality, and highly bioavailable daily supplement. In today’s market, consumers have many choices of nutritional supplements that address the need for vitamins and minerals. But what has been lacking is a simple yet powerful blend of nutrients that can be taken daily while easily used by the body to gain the results . . 
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I came across a great site called Oxylent. They gave me 5 packets of Regular & 3 packets of Prenatal & 3 little packets of the children's. Oxylent is a nice way to get in some vitamins & minerals in your diet without having to give up anything! It would make for a wonderful & refreshing cool treat on a hot summer day for sure. They have a general mix as well for children & prenatal. I didn't try the prenatal. However I tried the regular & the children's, so do my son he had his very own water bottle and his little children packet. He loved it & said it tasted like "water" what are the odds he thought it would be a sugary drink, but nope it's not even though I do water down everything I give my son, so he's pretty much used to it. He liked it though & drank the entire bottle. We had the flavor Bubbly Berry Punch. It tasted similar to Kool-Aid without a lot of sugar. The regular type is pretty good as well. I add a lot of water to the mix because I believe in healthy drinks & not to much sugary ones., but with this product it's not that sugary at all so you really don't have to worry about that, and its good for your kids. If you want you can always measure the water before adding in the supplement it's up to you.

He loved it :)

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