Friday, March 2, 2012


Rockstar White produces the best teeth-whitening products for at-home and dental offices –And at the best price! Dentist recommended, All natural, Certified kosher,  and Made in the USA. (fluoride free, sugar free, gluten free, sulfite free, alcohol free, and animal free).
Rockstar White offers the strongest at-home teeth-whitening products on the market.  This allows results that will WOW you within several sessions instead of weeks like other brands.  Desensitizers, without the use of fluoride, are used to keep your gums and teeth safe and out of pain  - delivering "the WOW without the OW™". 

I was sent out a product to review called Rockstar White (Be Kissable), an in-home teeth whitening kit. I don't usually buy products to whiten my teeth because I think it is a rip off and some products tend to not really work, anyways I came across Rockstar White and I have to say that this product actually works & is really been good to my teeth so far. Don't worry I am in the process of taking pictures each step of the way & will certainly get my pictures up when I am done with my kit, for now just wanted to touch base with my review I have gotten and post it up. The kit comes with a arch tray that has food grade impression material in it. You bite into that in order to create a mold of your teeth. 

The kit also comes with a syringe that is full of teeth whitening gel (suggestion: you don't need a lot of the gel as it seems to be to much so just using a little bit is good) You use the syringe to put a thin layer inside the tray (instructions say you can use the syringe up to 27 times!) Then you are supposed to keep the tray in your mouth for as long as possible, but ideally at least 30-60 minutes. I am really happy you get your own custom-fitted dental tray like you would normally at the dentist. I don't need anymore messy plastic strips that peel off and make you drool all over your chin. One of my favorite thing about this product is that there is NO animal testing & they are organic ingredients and fluoride-free, sugar free, alcohol free & sulfate free.

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