Friday, March 2, 2012

The Shave Well Company

The Shave Well Company fog free shaving mirror is a result of trying to use a number of so-called fog free shower shave mirrors over the years and never being satisfied. I came to think there had to be a better way. . . to read more click here 

I really wanted to try out this product for review, so I contacted The Shave Well Company and they sent me out a Fog Free Shaving Mirror, not only did I want this for myself but wanted to give it to my pop pop to try out because he is always shaving & leaning against the sink to see if he got the right spot & without cutting or whatever men do to shave really plus he's getting old and well it's really simple at first we were trying to get the darn peel off we read the directions about 5x it's pretty tricky if you ask me, but he eventually had gotten it off, and he liked the product a lot and uses it every time he shaves. 

The mirror has a reflection of me & the paiting, lol, but we 
finally got the peel thingy off. It was a work of art!

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