Friday, March 2, 2012

HBL Hydrating Products

In 1990, Patrick's life had an unfortunate turn of events. His older brother Tommy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at 39 years of age. His family experienced their first brush with cancer several decades earlier when his mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Fortunately, she survived the disease and made a full recover . . to read more about HBL click here
 I was sent out HBL Hydrating Shampoo, HBL Hydrating Conditioner & HBL Spray Mousse for a review. When I first got these products in the mail I was super excited to try these within the minute I opened up the package. I love getting hair products in the mail for a review. I love how every product I have gotten for a review I loved. I found my hair was so soft after using the HBL Shampoo. It's one of those products you can use all the whole family, but I only would use it for myself cause I have no girls in my family just me & my husband & son. I have natural curly hair so it works really well. The conditioner was really really good too, my hair automatically felt softer. I didn't even have to use my detangler spray after using this conditioner, and need I say that I love the mousse so much it gives your hair that extra boost and you can even blow dry your hair out and scrunch this in while your blow drying your hair that's what I did & it felt so nice & refresh. It made my curls look even more prettier than they already are!

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  1. I love HBL products and really like the Revitalizing Treatment!

  2. I want to try the HBL Hydrating shampoo!! Thank you for the review!! Hope I win and cannot wait to try!


  3. Love to try the HBL spray mousse!

  4. Also like the daily leave-in scalp Rejuvenator!

  5. I want to try the HBL Hydrating shampoo & COnditioner!!

  6. Shine & Seal is perfect for my hair type!