Friday, March 2, 2012


Holly Thaggard, a veteran of the sun care industry whose experience lies in formulation and education, launched brand Supergoop! in early 2007 with a singular mission to educate and protect adults and children alike from both harmful skincare ingredients and the UV rays of the sun.
The goal of Supergoop! is simple: To provide innovative everyday UV protection solutions, affordable for all, that meet the new European recommendations while being . .  
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I came across a site called "Supergoop" & I always try and get ready for the summer-time with the sun and all it's always hot days during the summer & you always want to have handy some Everyday Sun Protection for your face/body. This product is moisturizing as I did try some on my face I only got a little product, but it's something. I want to save it for the summer-time when I really need it for my son. It kept my face nice and soft it last to up to 80 minutes in water, and is oil free as well also no testing on animals which is always good to hear about products like this. All you want to do is apply to face, neck & body for 30 minutes prior to sun exposure for powerful UV protection from head to toe. For continuous protection, reapply as needed during direct sun exposure, swimming or exercise, and it's for all skin types!

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