Saturday, March 17, 2012


Vizardz is breaking new ground in the field of photography by applying the most advanced 3D technology to what has traditionally been a two-dimensional medium. The result is an innovative, multi-dimensional image made tangible through 3D personal sculptures and 2.5D pictures.

 I recently sent a picture to Vizardz I think their site is so amazing if you want to capture your favorite memories on a Personalized Night Light. I was sent a Personalized 2.5D Night Light to review. As a mom I take many many pictures of my son and siblings, and just about anything really. I'm a camera freak, lol. Literally! I think it came out great and looks really pretty. I put mine in my bathroom so it lights up the room with a little picture it's so nice especially when you have guest over they are always complimenting on my stuff. These would make such great holiday gifts for any occasion. The surface of the photo is a rough texture. When it's plugged in and turned on, it looks amazingly nice. I love it. Vizardz can take just about any of your photo and turn it into a really nice night light display. Here are my pictures below:

What's really cool you can order more "inserts" for your night light because you can take the original one out and put different inserts in I think that's so cute & a neat idea!

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