Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wett Giggles

This product was inspired for my then six year old son’s dirty little finger nails. I’m into good hygiene and giving my son a fun tool to help with that was my goal.  The Soap and toy concept has been done before but I wanted to re- create that concept. So my thinking was to add a nail brush to the soap thus giving a new look to an old idea....to read more about Wett Giggles click here

I received 2 Wett Giggles to review. A Frog with Watermelon scent & Cow with Blackberry scent. I have to say that the frog one is the cutest :) anyways these Soap Bars actually have a Brush as well inside the soap you can actually see it when you watch your hands it's a pretty neat idea, and great for kids. I love the watermelon scent the best. I gave my sisters the blackberry scent one. Here is a few pictures below of my sister Abby.

It's easy to hold while washing your heads you just use the head of the animal and wash your hands it's that simple & easy.  Natural glycerin handmade soaps, each bar is made one at time with essential oils and Shea butter.

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