Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lock Med

Since 2008, LOCKMED Medical Product Company has been working hard to develop high quality products. Because we are constantly seeking to improve, we have now partnered with leading engineering and design firms to help us upgrade our products to make them even better. Please join us as we continue to develop newer products through 2012 to help safeguard our nation's medications.

  • Heavy-duty container to store your medications with a combination lock that is easy to use and changeable
  • Can hold approximately up to 22-24 prescription bottles.
  •   Stylish with a strong reinforced aluminum exterior and lined with a beautiful dark velvet interior.
  •   Secure and easy to carry on road trips, school, work, vacations, hospital visits, or to the Doctor's office.
  •   Provides security and safety of medications, especially important for Narcotic Pain Medications, Insulin syringes, Sleeping pills, Rheumatoid & Cancer treatment medications, Anxiety pills, Anti-depressants, Seizure Medications, etc.
  •   Locking up your medications keeps your medical history and the medications you take very private.
  • Restricting access to prescription medications helps to reduce diversion and abuse of prescription drugs, especially if kids/teens are in the house.

Lock Med offered a giveaway to one of my readers here is the info below good luck everyone!

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