Sunday, April 22, 2012

Build-A-Bear Workshop

At Build-A-Bear Workshop® we are committed to conducting business in a lawful, ethical and responsible manner. We expect our vendors to do the same. As an extension of our mission statement, our bear creed states, “Our products adhere to the highest standards of toy safety and will never be made in factories employing underage child labor.” to read more about Build-A-Bear Workshop click here

 I recently contacted Build-A-Bear Workshop & asked if I could review one of their products. When I was sent back a message I was very excited to hear that I would be getting one of the "Farmer's Market" collections. The collection includes a horse, cow, pig & sheep. I got to review a Horse what are the odds I would of gotten a horse, my son is in-love with horses every since he rode them with my mom at my uncle joe's place. He carry's this Horse around "EVERYWHERE" we go. He loves it. He even named it Butter Boy, too funny & he is 5 years old. I was excited & happy because he liked it so much & even sleeps with it & brings it to my mom's house & shopping every time I go out, so I was really happy I got a horse to review. Build-A-Bear is a really neat site they even have a store in the Cherry-hill Mall you can make your own Build-A-Bear. It's simply the best cuddly buddy a friend could ask for that's another reason my son loves it. It's so soft & comfy to sleep with.

Although the Collection won't come out in stores til May 4th, I got to review it early :)

He told me "are you kidding me" LOL 
he was excited he got a Build-A-Bear Horse!!

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