Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Time Bags

My family and I started becoming more aware of the environment and started doing small things to reduce our footprint. We were reducing the amount of items that we were throwing away and reusing a lot more. One day about 31/2 years ago we noticed how much plastic sandwich baggies  we were using and throwing away,  we decided that something needed to be done and we needed an alternative to plastic baggies. . . to read more about Green Time Bags click here

 Green Time Bags are reusable bags for snacks & sandwiches of all kinds of foods. The food could be wet or dry since the interior lining is made of nylon & peva fabric. These bags can be hand washed quickly or even machine washed whichever you prefer. Using these Green Time Bags can save thousands of plastic baggies. They can be used for any event such as school lunch or a snack if your on the go, work, picnics, etc. My sister Abby is always on the go after school she does Gymnastics & is always rushing to find a snack or bring something with her for dinner. These would work wonders for her to bring with her to her classes & meets. My mom even uses the bigger Green Time Bag for my other sister she does Dance. I love how it has a Velcro to secure the Green Time Bag. The one I got is very colorful & cute. My sister's love these & will come in handy so much!

Check out some of their great Green Time Bag Sandwiches (here) they even have Silverware Holder's as well which are pretty neat & I would love to have 
these as well check them out (here)

Have a question or concern you want to ask Green Time Bags click here

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