Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

DVO Enterprises was founded in a spare bedroom by software developer Daniel V. Oaks Jr. in March of 1992. As a student at Brigham Young University with one computer, little capital, and no connections, Dan set out with the goal of creating quality software products to strengthen read more about DVO click here

I was given the chance to review this great Cook'n Recipe Organizer. This software is for your computer, but they will soon be coming out with apps for phones & tablets. I can't wait for that. I love downloading apps on my phone for Recipes it's so much easier than writing it down on paper. I love finding new recipes online or on the Dr. Oz show. I was excited to try out Cook'n. With Cook'n you can enter your very own recipes & use recipes by ingredients to which is a pretty handy feature when you are trying to come up with a recipe to use in your refrigerator. I played around with the Cook'n & it's super easy to use. I love to cook & bake. I like making up my own recipes from time to time & fooling around with published recipes & trying out new things. After installing it I realized that I not only get to create my own cookbooks, but the DVO provided their own cookbook in their program, so you can actually get an entire cookbook along with the organizer. GREAT, right? All I really have is the card recipe that you can get from the dollar store or something & write your recipes on them. I hate taking the time to write out recipes. One of the feature that I love most on Cook'n is the Meal Planner. DVO created a meal planner that lets you take the recipes from your cookbooks & place them into days of the week. Meal Planning is the best way to go, so your not hesitating to make something the day of. Also after you are done planning your meals, you hit one button & it will create your shopping list, how awesome is that. I am really enjoying my Cook'n Recipe Organizer & it will most definitely come in handy for me & I will even share this with my Mother.

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