Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Bar

You Bar was launched in 2006 after the mother-son founders, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, began creating custom protein bars at home to meet their taste, health and allergy needs. They loved eating their unique bars so much that they thought there would be a huge market for customized protein bars made freshly to customers' own taste and nutritional needs. Anthony, who had just graduated from business school (and has always had an irrepressible . . . to read more about You Bar click here

Youbar was generous enough to send me a goodie box full of Youbar products. I love trying out different healthy foods. I have tried other products that are yummy & some that aren't. My husband even commented that he would buy these for himself, well the Trail Mix anyways. The sample pack for my review that I received were the following:

Honey Cashew
Training 33
Cookie Dough
Great Date With Chocolate
Goji Macadamia
Mixed Up Your Day Trail Mix
Blended Bliss
Vanilla Dream
Chocolate Trail

You can find all the items I listed above (here)

The shakes were alright. Weren't a big fan of them, my husband enjoyed them more than I did when I let him try it. The Trail Mix was delicious especially because it was sweet & salty mix of chocolate chips & dried fruits. Very good. My husband is a big fan of Trail Mixes. My favorite out of the Youbar sampling was the Honey Cashew bar. It had just enough cashews in it along with the sweet honey along with it. The cookie dough my husband liked it smelled just like cookie dough he said & it was nice & chewy & it was salty & sweet as well. It was packed full of nuts & flavor. I enjoyed the chocolate trail I am a huge fan of chocolate but it was also mixed with other things other than chocolate like chocolate coated raisins, chocolate chips, peanuts, pretzels, walnuts & dried cherries. I am very satisfied with Youbar & what I love that catched my eye on their website was that you had the ability to "Create Your Own Youbar" I would be so interested in something like that. I went ahead & created my own Youbar & at the end it even shows you the calorie list & all the ingredients that's in it, etc. Pretty Neat! Can't wait to check that out later.

Check out some of their gifts (here) they even have a Mothers Day Gift Box!

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