Saturday, April 21, 2012

CP Docks

As with most inventions, the genesis of the EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station was born out of necessity. With the proliferation of cell phones among our family members, the kitchen counter was being overrun with cords and chargers. The necessity was being able to eliminate the mess and find some counter read more about CP Docks click here

I recently came across a website called CP Docks. I'm sure everyone has different reasons for not wanting to leave cords around while charging things. My reason is that people always trip over the cord when I have it attached to the counter across from my couch other times it's just to long & always in the way. The way this CP Docks works you plug the CP Dock into an out let and place your cell phone on the base and wrap around the cord on the unique adapter.. Pretty neat huh... I received both models as well. They are really easy to use & super awesome. I gave my step dad the EZmount because he said he liked it & needed one especially because it has a Key Chain Hook for your keys. I myself kept the Plug in Shelf pretty simply for me. I have a Android so it doesn't really fit so that is another reason why I gave it to my step dad, but it's okay my sister could really use this too. Overall they're great charging stations, and just super handy & very useful.

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