Friday, April 20, 2012


They design and make toys, games, puzzles, travel products and other quality dog products at fair prices.  We have a passion for dogs, and thus feel that they deserve fun, functional products . . . products that last longer and challenge their minds and instincts so they can be happy and healthy, which in turn enriches all of our lives. . . to read more about Kyjen click here

For my review I chose the Deluxe Squeaky Squiggler Bear with Ball for a review. I thought this dog toy was really cute & my moms 2 dogs would love this since they are always ripping apart other toys of theirs I thought they needed a new one to share & play with. Its a cute toy for puppies or regular size dogs to play with. Although it it quite heavy for our dogs "taco bell dogs" LOL. Rudy & Chip had a blast playing together with the Bear they were so cute. It's a fuzzy bear with a ball in the middle as its shown for the body "the stomach" I should say. The legs & arms are both squeaky.

Chip & Rudy both playing with the bear toy

I love how they have Port A Bowls, in case your going on a camping trip or any wheres else & you need to bring these, what a great idea :)

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