Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ergonomic pen - UGLee Pen

I received a 3 Pack of Uglee Pens to review. I absolutely LOVE these pens they are so smooth when you write & I love the grip that they have on the pens it helps you more relaxed when writing & it has that special touch it is unbelievable when you are writing it just is perfect more pens should be like this.

 I love that the pen only feels like  a feather when you are holding it, it doesn't even weigh that much I think the website said about 11 grams, but it feels like 5 grams to me. They come in ink colors of black, blue & red. Wish it came in pink that's my favorite color. They always come in packs of 3. If you want to order some today click here & start adding some Uglee Pens to your cart :)

I could write forever in an Uglee Pen it's such a great comfort pen & I love it. I love how it just comes on nice & smooth my writing feels extra large & I love how I write with it.

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  1. I want these!!!!
    I had a set but lost one and the others are about to die!!!

  2. I know I LOVE THESE pens. they write so neat & perfect I could own a million of these pens & be satisfied hahahha