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McNaughton Inc utilizes ideas that are generated internally, as well ideas submitted by other companies and inventors. A product idea transforms over time from concept to a product on a retailer’s shelves and in homes. By using its own advanced CAD and FDM modeling department, it dramatically reduces the time and cost to produce 3-D, functioning prototypes. These prototypes can be tested revised and evaluated prior to it moving on into tooling and production. . . to read more about McInc Shop click here

McInc Shop has a wide variety of a lot of different things such as Bath & Spa, Biker Dolls & Gifts, Bird Feeders, Seasonal Items, Buckle Guard Seat Belt Cover, Household/Kitchen Gadgets which is my favorite & I had the opportunity to choose a few things & I ended up getting for a review a Banana Hook, Pasta Strain & Serve, Towel & Bag Hanger & a Tuna Can Strainer.  All in the picture above. My favorite out of the 4 Kitchen Gadgets I had gotten was actually the banana hook & Pasta Strain & Serve.

First of all you take apart the sticky paper off the top of the hanger where it's actually sticking on the cabinet.  I love how when you are not holding the banana's or don't need to use the Banana Hook you can fold up the hook so it's out of sight .

Now here is a picture of how it looks on the Banana Hook, how cute is that. I had to adjust the banana's the right way for it to actually hang on to the Hook. They could of made it a little more bigger or the hook to be up a tad bit more so in case the banana's fell off or vise versa, but it is pretty well fit for the banana's & I like it. 

It looks a lot nicer from this angle & I am enjoying my banana hook very much. It is retailed for $6.70.

Another cool kitchen gadget is this lovely Tuna Can Strainer. It basically strains out the juice of a tuna can, you could also use it to drain out fruit cans & vegetables. It's also a safe removal. The finger grip helps you keep the Tuna Can Strainer in place while straining. It's even dishwasher safe you get 2 for the price of $6.70.

Another great kitchen gadget would be the Pasta Strain & Serve Utensil it's a 2 sided kitchen tool which is a very neat idea I would of never came up with this, but it's awesome & I love it for all my pasta dishes especially the one side looks like a brush so it is really easy to grab the pasta & put it onto a plate the other Kitchen Tools I have I don't really have any actually good ones, but I do indeed love this one & I use it all the time now.

Last but not least I got the Towel & Bag Hanger. I like this kitchen gadget not only do I have bags everywhere stored in the cabinet I can put some on the Bag Hanger & instead of having my Towels laying around everywhere also I have a place to put them on this Towel Hanger. It hangs over cabinet doors or your drawers. You don't need any screws or glues either!

They have a Sale going on for April on Window Vases come over & check out the sale & put something in your cart today :)

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