Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Skincare by Feleciai

These 5 words are the principles of Skincare by Feleciai. Passion for the products we make. Luxurious, for the way they make you feel. Handmade to ensure the highest quality. Relaxation, a key benefit of using our products. Natural ingredients, to do no harm to the skin or the earth. . .  to read more about Skincare by Feleciai click here

I was sent out Replenishing Cream (Lavender) for a review from Skincare by Feleciai.I have to say that this cream has a wonderful scent not only does it have the ability to wake me up in the morning but it also helps relax me in the evening even my mother tried some & she said that it has a wonderful scent & she loves it. It just the perfect amount of scent it's not really overwhelming. I rub some cream around my temples & my eyes in circular motions & it seemed to calm me down & be less stressful. I gave this product to my mom she seems to like it a lot & it brings moisture back into her skin.

Their soaps look great & I would love to try the Orange Cinnamon

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