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The Z team is made up of soda-loving people. We grew up drinking classic soda flavors, and turned away from them for health reasons. So making naturally delicious, healthy versions of the familiar favorites we grew up with, without sugar, is our top priority. We make soda the way it should always have been . . to read more about Zevia please click here

Front Side of Flavors

 Back Side of Flavors

I was sent out a 6pk of Zevia to review. The flavors I received were Grape, Black Cherry, Dr. Zevia, Grapefruit Citrus, Cream Soda & Mountain Zevia. I think it's cute the way Dr. Zevia is put along with Mountain Zevia instead of Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. Clever idea! The first can that we tried was Cream Soda. I treat myself here & there once in a blue moon especially if I have a stomach bug & need Ginger-ale I'll have that. Soda is really bad for you I don't ever buy it for my family! It's never seen in my house whatsoever! I only buy it when I have birthday parties & such, but other than that you wouldn't see any soda in my fridge well except for Zevia of course because it has Zero Calories & No Artificial Sweetener in it :) anyways to the cream soda it tasted really good I loved how it wasn't that sweet & it was just right for your taste buds. 

 Love how it says "All Natural Soda"

My son Nicholas even enjoyed the cream soda!

The next kind I tried was "Grape" it was really delicious, my husband liked the Mountain Zevia I also loved the Dr. Zevia as well tasted just like Dr. Pepper, but better. If you want to purchase your own Zevia click here & find your local store!

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