Wednesday, May 23, 2012

599 Fashion is bringing wholesale shopping experience to regular consumers. You can now buy direct from an actual wholesale company supplying to thousands of retailers worldwide. No need to buy in bulk, pick the styles you want, buy just 1 piece per item and still pay below wholesale cost. . . to read more about 599 Fashion click here 

 For my review I was able to pick out 3 items to review & I chose the Plus Size Fashion Sleeveless Tube Short Fitted Dress w/decorative belt, Plus Size Fashion Sleeveless Round Neck Racer Back Asymmetrical Top & Plus Size Fashion Short Sleeve Round Neck Top w/decorative Embellishments. My most favorite out of all 3 would have to be the light blue tank top. I love it for the summer time & it's such a great color. Here is a picture of me wearing it....

It brings out color to me. I like this shirt a lot & what's even better everything on their site is worth $5.99 can't beat that anywhere else. Although I was a little concern about how it fitted me. I like clothes to be not so tight & with my other 2 choices I feel they were a bit tight for the size. 

I love how it had some flares hanging down my arm they were really cute & pretty. I love the color to but it was just a tad bit tight on me. The material doesn't seem to stretch as most clothes I wear do.

I didn't like this piece very much, I mean I loved it on the website but not in person. I think my friend Ashley looks more reasonable on her than it does on me. I am very tall & she is short.

When she was trying it on she actually thought it was a shirt, but I said no it's all together she said it seemed a little tight, but she said she liked it.

They have a lot of other stuff on their website such as Dresses, Bottoms, Jackets, etc they even have a link to .99 cent items can't beat that price neither so check out some (here)

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