Friday, May 25, 2012


personalized beaded jewelry

About fifteen years ago, my aunt mentioned that she used to do a brisk business in name bracelets and necklaces when she owned a small store, and I should try it. Soon, I was selling dozens of pre-made bracelets. . . .to read more about Alphabitsy click here

For my review I was able to create my own Personalized Beaded Name Bracelet for my 2 sisters Danielle & Abby from Alphabitsy. I choose the blue; both my sisters love the color blue. These were super extra small. They looked like baby bracelets, no lie, but they fit both my sister's but Abby said it was a little tight, but she is a tiny girl. Here is a picture of my sisters wearing the bracelets:

These bracelets are made of glass or plastic beads on strong, stretchy nylon cord. Hand-beaded and tied securely. These bracelets can be made in any size from adult to a small child. There are also different variety colors you can get if you want to check them out click here & scroll down to the middle & they are only $2.25.

Did I mention that I loved the bag the bracelets came in it was a sparkly butterfly pink bag so cute. If you want to go more extreme you can get a name bracelet set for your very own American Girl Doll for only $4.00 check it out (here).

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  1. I am 40 and I remember when these were popular when I was in junior high. I also remember the friendship pins that were made out of safety pins with the small beads. Nice work you do. New follower from Friendship Friday. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!