Thursday, May 31, 2012

Betty Lou's

Everyone wants to feel their best, and when I decided to remove refined sugar from my family's diet 32 years ago, I began creating recipes that were made with honey and brown rice syrup instead. Children know what they like, and my sons were my very first taste-testers. As I fine-tuned the recipes my boys' friends took notice, and soon I had the most popular yard in the neighborhood! . . to read more about Betty Lou's click here

For my review I got sent out some yummy & healthy snacks from Betty Lou's. Some of the products I got were Organic Fruit and Veggie Bar, Organic Cacao Acai Bar, Blueberry Fruit Bar, Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bar, Cherry Fruit Bar, Almond Butter Ball, Peanut Butter Ball. As a mom I am always looking out for healthier snack options for my family especially my son. I love trying out new products & these yummy snacks are really delicious. I am in love with the Peanut Butter Ball it's nice & chewy & it's really good although I couldn't eat it all in one sitting I had to save some. My husband loved the Acai Bar Raspberry he said it was really good & sweet. The fruit bars are really good too I loved the apple cinnamon ones, my son ate some of the cherry ones, but I don't think he liked it all that much.

The Peanut Butter Ball it has just enough of all the peanuts in there it's just so yummy. Nice color & texture to it as well.

My husband enjoying the Organic Superberry Acai

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