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Looking for an update to traditional cupcakes and ice-cream? How about a way to entice kids to eat healthy? This unique baking accessory will provide endless hours of fun for your family and the creative baker or chef. Think of all the countless sweet and savory combinations that muffinmeal can be used for; cornbread stuffed with chili, pizza muffins, sloppy Joe, frittatas, ice cream cupcakes, brownies stuffed with fruit, mousse, pudding, truffles, etc. Use with box mixes, biscuits from a can, frozen bread dough or your favorite cake or bread recipe from scratch. There is no waste since the dough/batter bakes around the cup, which makes more muffins or cupcakes with each recipe.

For my review I was sent out a Muffinmeal Kit. The first step you want to do is Place the bases in the muffin/cupcake pan. Which I did above in the picture. After you place the bases in the cupcake pan you want to get the Slide paper cup liners & place them onto the serrated rods like in the picture above again but the 2nd part of the picture.

As you see in the above picture all the liners are put in & now all you need to do is Spoon your favorite cake batter or bread dough into the paper cups. I used a cake batter (vanilla).

Make sure you spray the outside of the cups with non-stick spray. I used Pam. Than line up straight edges of cup & base & slide down to desired height. Twist to lock in place.

The first batch came out quite okay. However I have a little bit of a con I don't like how they have holes on the bottom the ones that I had made they all seemed to have holes so the liquid would melt down to the bottom of my glass pan, so maybe I don't want to use the Cool Whip like I did before & also I didn't wait for it to fully cool down, so they were a little bit warm that's probably another reason why it melted to the bottom, but I did manage to put in a blueberry in the bottom of the holes, lol, so it wouldn't leak out but I did that with the last 3 batches I made.

These are what they looked like after they were done, I put them in the fridge when they were done & I brought them to my pop-pops for Memorial Day BBQ all the kids seemed to love them & my poppop said that they were good, so overall everything turned out awesome & yummy. I do want to try other recipes for the muffinmeal kit.

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