Thursday, May 10, 2012


It was important to both Bryan and I that our product, Eraselet, be made in the United States. It just didn’t seem right, in our country’s current financial situation, to send good jobs overseas. After being told time and again that we would have to go outside the US to find an affordable read more about Eraselet click here

 I was sent some Eraselet's to review. These are a neat way of keeping your children from loosing their erasers at school or at home wherever they may be. You simply put these Eraselet's on your wrist wherever you may be doing your homework or even when you are at school. I know when I was a kid I would always loose my erasers cause they were either to small or they would be misplaced somewhere in my locker or home. I think this is a great idea, who would of thought. Kids would be so pleased to wear these sort of product, so here is how you use your Eraselet you have to turn the bracelet inside out & rub the eraser on the paper & there ya go. The Eraselet worked for my brother & sisters, and they like it even my 5 yr old son loves it because he is always wanting to erase things that he writes, to funny! You can also make your own customized Eraselet's for fundraisers & school activities.

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