Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ila Security Personal Alarms

We’re featuring three personal alarms from ila Security that are designed to shock and disorient potential attackers and draw attention to dangerous situations. Simon McGivern, James Phillips, and Neil Munn set out to design alarms that are easy to carry, so we’re more likely to take one along. These three founders of ila Security were inspired by their wives and daughters to create safety devices that are small, appealing, and easy to integrate into everyday life. . . . to read more about ila Security Personal Alarms click here

For my review I was sent out 2 different style designs to try from ila personal alarms. If your anything like me I like to stay safe & these personal alarms are really great for going out by yourself even if you are working a late night shift, you hear everything bad happening on the news, and you just think something will happen to you next, but you don't need to worry about anything with these personal alarms. I received the ila PEBBLE Red with polka dots it's a smaller like oval sized one & it's a actual alarm going off & it's really loud,  but the other one is even more interesting it's an actual screaming woman, which is sorta hilarious I thought, but really convenient also it's called the ila Dusk Personal Alarm I like this one because of the size & the string when you pull cause you can simply push it back on other than the other one you have to actually take your time & put it back into place, but they are both used for your purses or key chain for your keys. It's your very own panic button.

I am dying to try out there purse hook. I have heard so much about them & they are very handy.

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