Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Me Tea

It all started with a search for a truly healthy kids' drink for our baby girl, Julia. The 100% juices were loaded with sugar. Flavored waters lacked nutrition. Even so-called "healthy" organic brands added cane sugar. No thanks! . .  to read more about Little Me Tea click here

For my review I was sent out 2 little me tea to review. The flavor that we got were Tropical Tea & Grape Tea. When I first saw these I was pleased in a way because kids can have there own tea without it being hot. My son asked what this was & I told him it was kids tea he said he wanted to try some & he liked both the flavors. I did however water the tea down. I always do that with every drink I get from the grocery store. My son enjoyed it me on the other hand I tried the grape tea it was a bit bittersweet to me & tasted a lil weird but overall if my son enjoys it than I am very happy. Did I mention that there tea is organic.

Julia's Tropical Tea has 70% less sugar than most full sugar juices. It's certified organic, gluten free, GMO-free and 100% healthy and delicious!

 My son enjoying the little me tea in grape

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