Tuesday, May 8, 2012

C3 For Stress

Stress is a natural part of everyday life. But increasingly, our lives have become overly stressful at home and at work. Knowing how to reduce stress and reduce anxiety in your life and keep it at a healthy and manageable level is important. Our lives are so packed with activities and responsibilities from dawn to dusk, that it is also becoming essential to stay calm and increase our ability to focus and improve concentration....to read more about C3 For Stress click here

 I was a box of C3 for Stress to review. This product is an all-natural lemon lime flavored drink mix. It taste very good & me & my husband have been drinking it for days now and I was little skeptical at first but I do have to admit that it really works. Me & my husband took 1 packet in the lunch time & one later that night for dinner & it defiently had us calming effect on us. I felt really relaxed & it helped clear my head. Me & my husband really enjoy this C3 Drink Mix. I like lemon lime flavor also so it tasted really good it's not to sweet either just right. My husband I believe stresses more than me we do have a 5 year old son, but still it gets to him way to much, and there is a lot of energy drinks out there especially the ones that make you all wired up & bouncing around & have way to much sugar in them, C3 is much better than those other energy drinks out there with loaded crap in them. I love that the C3 is sugar free & there are no artificial sweeteners & it's a 100% Vitamin B6 & B12. Only 15 calories, can't beat that!

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