Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Madelaine Chocolate Company

Established in 1949, we’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting the superior taste and quality of our chocolate. Our belief that everyone should be able to afford great tasting chocolate is what drives our commitment to our customers, and ensures that we never compromise on flavor or read more about The Madelaine Chocolate Company click here

 What can I say I was able to pick out some yummy delicious chocolate from The Madelaine Chocolate Company to review. The 5 items I picked out were Chocolate Peanuts, Mint Truffles, Lady Bugs, Caramel Popcorn drenched in milk chocolate & Peanut Butter Filled Twist Wrap Truffle.

Here is the Peanut Butter Filled Twist Wrap Truffle. I thought this was somewhat good I am used to a more creamy-er peanut butter but overall everyone else liked it like my friends & my husband. I think it was just to much truffle & chocolate to me. I like less the chocolate & more of the peanut butter.

The Lady Bug chocolate was so creamy & delicious I knew when I took a bite out of it it was going to be so delicious & it has coco butter which I love in every chocolate if it doesn't have coco butter I don't buy it, and I really loved these lady bugs the best :) so did my son.

The Mint Truffles I wasn't a big fan of them, but they were good they sorta tasted like a Andes Mint if any of you heard of them before or remember them they were really good. These are really minty with some truffle to it. My mom enjoyed these the most.

These Chocolate Covered Peanuts were really good. I sprinkled some on top of my ice cream it was really good.

Last but not least the Caramel Popcorn these were really really good all my friends enjoyed these they have the perfect amount of everything chocolate & the caramel popcorn every bite was well worth it. Leaving your mouth watery & wanted more.

The Madelaine Chocolate Company has variety's of different occasions to buy stuff such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter & Mother's Day so shop for your love one today or buy a gift for someone!!!

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