Friday, May 11, 2012

Simple Green

The Simple Green® story began over thirty years ago, long before “environmentally friendly” products were mandated by law. Bruce FaBrizio and his father developed a safer alternative to the toxic cleaners then being used to remove tannic acid, a by-product of coffee roasting, from roasting read more about Simple Green click here

I was sent a bottle of  Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner for my review. It works really well for cleaning food messes off my stove top, dirt stains on my kitchen/dining room floor, bathrooms & counter tops. I like the smell when I was cleaning it smells like a minty scent. I even poured some into a bucket with water so I could sponge the floor & it really had a strong scent there, but I didn't mind because it smelled fresh. Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner is an environmentally friendly spray cleaner that is biodegradable & safe to use in any area of your house. The non-toxic formula is safe to use as well if you have pets in your household or even kids for that matter

My first cleaning I did was my dining room floor, so here is a picture of what it looked like before & after....

  It looked so clean when I finished although it looks different in the picture it looks much better in real life person.

The second cleaning spot I did was my stove top. As you can see it really wiped away all my grease on my stove & left it nice & clean & refresh :) I am really satisfied with this product & I am in-love...

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  1. Love to try the Simple Green Cleaning All Purpose Cleaner