Friday, May 11, 2012

TykesBykes Balance Bike Store

We are a family-run business committed to raising happy, healthy and active children. We also happen to have a strong passion for bikes!   In sharing our passion for cycling with our boys, we found that bike options for children are extremely limited. We have battled bikes that feel like they weigh 100 pounds, to shoddy training wheels and tricycles that tip at every read more about TykesBykes click here

For my review I was sent a Yellow Balance Bike to review for my 5 yr old son. I think this bike is a great way to learn to teach kids how to balance on a bike without pedals. Sometimes kids are so unbalance with there bikes along while they are paddling they tend to fall, but with this balance bike I think it is better to be in control with your feet and just balancing it while you are steering in the right direction. It also has a rear brake to. My son loves this balance bike & he rides it everyday he seems to be getting the balance going while he steers his bike.

They don't just sell Balance Bikes they also have Helmets, Protection & Clothing & Water bottles on their website which can be found (here)

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